Insurance License Exam was founded by one of the nation’s oldest 100% online licensing schools, with systems developed in the mid-1990′s on the radical (at that time) proposition that students could actually learn faster and better through the efficiencies of the Internet. Although we believed strongly in the research, and had proven the thesis in countless studies, as the first school committed to 100% Internet delivery, we often had to “sell” state commissioners in various jurisdictions on the idea. Although we were members of ASTD, SALT, and other learning think tanks, in those early days of IBT, most states boards of professional registrations did not even have wording in their legislation to allow for online learning, let alone a system to approve it.

Thanks to visionary decisions in a few early adopting states like Missouri and Georgia, by 1996 a few jurisdictions began to write legislation to allow students to take their professional licensing training courses online, and of course, we were there. It didn’t hurt that the statistics that started coming in from examination boards showed that our online students beat out the live classroom students hands down, time and time again! The press was pretty kind to us back then too.

Overtime, more and more states adopted or initiated legislation to allow for online learning, such that today Insurance License Exam is securing approvals to deliver 100% Internet-based training and/or exam prep in almost all the major states that allow it.

Today, students who enroll at will find a library of dynamic state-approved courses to choose from. We created and designed and own course distribution system, learning tools, and almost all online courses. (Unlike competitors: Fully half or more of our competing schools in any given state are simply reselling an old course written by others, or referring the student to another site to earn a commission.) What that means to our students is better, more accurate course content, delivered in the method the student prefers, for less money.

Our team has now successfully trained hundreds of thousands of students from all parts of the country using the convenience of the Internet, and consistently ranks #1 in first-time pass rates by boards and commissions that publish same.

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