The Delaware Insurance Commissioner’s Office, Producer Licensing division is responsible for the administration of producer (insurance agent) licensing, appointments, continuing education, producer investigations, and insurer licensing market conduct issues.

The phone number for Producer Licensing is (302) 674-7390 and the fax number is (302) 739-5280.  The Producer Licensing email address is:

General Requirements for Licensure
All individuals or business entities desiring to serve the consumers of Delaware as an insurance producer, surplus lines broker, fraternal producer, adjuster or motor vehicle appraiser must attain a license from the Department of Insurance. The license is permanent subject to compliance with continuing education requirements.

The license can be terminated by the licensee or revoked, suspended, or canceled by the Commissioner.

Pursuant to §8513(a)(2) of the Title 11 of the Delaware code, each resident application shall further contain a statement of the applicant’s criminal history, which the applicant shall obtain from the Delaware State Bureau of Identification. To obtain a state criminal report contact the State Bureau of Identification at (302) 739-2528.

Continuing Education Requirements for Continuance of a License
In order for an insurance license to remain in effect (unless revoked or suspended) the fee(s) set forth in Title 18 Delaware Code, Chapter 7 must be paid and education requirements for resident individuals must be met by the due date (February 28th of every even year). Nonresident renewal fees are due by February 28th of every odd year. Notification will be mailed to the licensee 90 days prior to the due date. Once a license is issued, it is perpetual and is not reissued upon renewal.

A producer must be appointed by an insurer as its agent within fifteen (15) days from the date the contract is executed or the first insurance application is submitted by the producer to the insurance company. Appointments are permanent once approved and need never be renewed.  Appointments remain in effect until terminated by the licensee, insurer, or the Department by operation of law.  There is no limit to the number of insurers a licensed producer or fraternal producer may be appointed by.

All applicants must:

A. Be at least 18 years old

B. Be of good reputation, competent, trustworthy and financially responsible

C. Successfully complete the qualification examination approved by Commissioner to demonstrate competence to act as to the type of license and line(s)

of authority applied for

D. Pay all required fees to the Department.

E. U.S. Code 1033 and 1034 requires all licensees with a criminal record to request a waiver.

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